My Dad,Your Dad #03

Petra Blair in My Dad,Your Dad #03

Petra Blair & Mark Wood: Petra is jealous that her foster father, Mark, likes her sister more. While he gives her a massage on the couch she corners him and demands to know which daughter is his favorite. She crawls on his lap and calls him daddy. His cock stiffens as his will power dissolves. She grinds against his dick and toys with him until he rips off her shirt and sucks on her petite, teenage tits as she moans for more. She takes daddy’s huge load in her little mouth to get it nice and wet. Then she struggles to cram his cock inside her tight pussy. She gasps for breath each time he sinks his dick inside her petite frame, inch by inch. She’s never been with a man as big as her dad. He lays her down and begins fucking her faster and faster until he sprays his load all over her trim bush.

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