My Dad,Your Dad #03

Paige Owens in My Dad,Your Dad #03

Paige Owens & Ryan Mclane: Jane reads an erotic story that sounds so similar to her own life, she can’t help but imagine her foster father, Ryan, taking the lead role. In the story Ryan’s wife gives her husband an ultimatum. Either he kick out their foster daughter, Paige, or they get a divorce. Ryan doesn’t want to lose Paige, but he’s not sure if she is even attracted to him. To find out, he kisses her. Instead of running, she falls on her back and spreads her athletic legs wide for Ryan to start lapping her pussy with his hungry tongue. She then takes him in her wet, warm mouth as she strokes him. Ryan take the lead and sinks his dick in her waiting cunt. She falls into a furious rhythm as she grinds against his cock. He rubs her clit to make her cum repeatedly while he pounds her deeply. Her pussy contracts around him with each deep thrust. He keeps sticking it in with increased vigor until he’s on the edge of exploding. Then Paige muscles every last ounce of her foster father’s cum out so there is none left for her mother. She fucks him so good, she knows Ryan no longer has a choice in choosing her over her cunt of a foster mom.

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