Discover How Bad I Am

Simon Kay in Discover How Bad I Am

After spending Halloween alone at home watching scary movies and taboo VR porn, you hear your stepsister Simon Kay (a.k.a. Simon Kitty) come home. She doesn’t seem happy. You ask her what is wrong and she tells you that she is not sure about her outfit for the party. You try to offer her some comfort by telling her that her costume looks pretty slutty to you. Simon asks if you mean it. Is she really a slutty, sexy Halloween nymph? At first, she doesn’t believe you, but when she sees the bulge in your pants, your stepsister smiles. You really do think she’s hot. Maybe she should show you just how hot. Pulling out her tits, she shows you just how slutty she can be. In this VR porn movie, you have a proper reaction, she invites you to whip out your cock and beat it for her. That sounds just fine since the more you stroke, the more she takes off. Simon flashes her pussy to you letting you see how wet she is. She shows you how easily they slide to the side to give her fingers a path to pleasure. Seeing you so close, she encourages you to shoot your load to prove that she is the sexiest Halloween slut. You are happy to oblige, spraying your seed while watching her cum on her thrusting fingers. Smiling at you, your slutty stepsister knows just what to get you for Christmas. (Video duration: 10 min)

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