VRP Wants Me!

Jenny Wild in VRP Wants Me!

Jenny Wild is really really happy. She comes with great news and a letter in her hand: Virtual Real Porn selected her to participate in the videos of their website. She is so excited. But as she says, she needs some help with the casting. And you are the perfect one to help her valuate her sensuality and her moves. She starts taking off her shirt and showing her white lingerie. Wise choice, it’s a point in favor for her casting. Then she massages her own boobs with pleasure in her look. She turns and takes off his tight skirt, showing her rounded ass. She gives you a blowjob kneeling while you standing. You agree that her look while she introduces your cock deep inside her mouth is worth an Oscar. But after that, she wants to try some sex positions: you on top and fucking her from the back and face to face; she on top moving her ass up and down, doing cowgirl and reverse cowgirl… Until she wants to finish with another blowjob and you cumming in her mouth. Your valuation of her work? Amazing. She’s going to get the job, no doubt. VR Porn video starring Michael Fly and Jenny Wild. (Video duration: 35:37 min)

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