Study Time – Episode 3: Lili

Lili Charmelle in Study Time - Episode 3: Lili

After catching her handsome professor with classmate Barbie Brill and blackmailing him, Missy Luv just couldn’t keep her mouth shut. In the new VR porn episode, she immediately told her friend Lili Charmelle about the improper adventures. The stories are really turning the pretty brunette on when their professor walks in and breaks up their gossip session. You threaten to punish them both and kick Missy out of the room, but it is too late. Lili knows your secret, she knows you will be in trouble if she tells and best of all, she knows that you had a great cock. Not to worry, she won’t tell as long as you give her some of the great dick VR porn action you gave her classmates. You get a peek under her skirt and suddenly her idea seems more than prudent, it seems downright necessary. Swatting her exposed cheeks playfully, you enjoy her sequel of pleasure and by the time Lili turns around, she finds your cock hard, throbbing and huge. She wants it in her mouth and you aren’t about to stop her from getting on her knees and using her lips and tongue like a true cock slut. Impressed by her skill and willingness to please, you bend her over again, this time pulling down her panties and easing yourself into her inch by throbbing inch until you are buried into her tight young coed pussy. The deeper you go, the more she longs to please you and lose herself in her own orgasms. She takes a break to taste her juices on your cock only to get right back on and ride again until she creams your shaft. This time she doesn’t stop sucking until you explode, shooting strands of hot cream all over her pretty face. She will keep your secret, but only if you dick her down once a week for the rest of the semester. (Video duration: 42 min)

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