You're In Good Hands With Nurse Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky in You're In Good Hands With Nurse Angel Wicky

Visiting nurse Angel Wicky is truly a big-titted angel of mercy. She charms all of her patients with her happy, spunky, friendly personality. Nurse Wicky arrives at George’s home to examine him, with special attention paid to his balls. Very thorough in her examination, Nurse Wicky touches and inspects his nut-sack and writes detailed notes. George’s balls are in good hands with Angel Wicky. She notices that he’s staring at her tits and has a boner. This amuses Nurse Wicky and puts a wicked grin on her pretty face and a horny glint in her eyes. She jiggles her boobs in her cleavage-exposing blouse, which makes him harder. This is one naughty, cock-teasing nurse. Announcing that he is completely healthy, Nurse Wicky rubs the shaft of his dick back and forth with her soft hand and tells George that she has a very special treatment for him. He must keep it a secret and not tell anyone. What is this treatment and how do we get some of it? Angel has George sit back on his couch and … Big Boobs video featuring: Angel Wicky, George. (Video duration: 35:00)

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