Sweet Farewell

Nata Ocean in Sweet Farewell

Farewells are one of the hardest things to deal with in life, especially if those involved have already formed a special bond with each other. Vince Karter informs his housemate, Nata Ocean, that he is about to leave the apartment to live with his girlfriend. Nata can’t hide her sadness. She wants Vince to stay a little bit longer. Not wanting to let go of the handsome hunk that easily, Nata starts to tease Vince with her beautiful feet. Vince doesn’t offer much resistance against the temptation. He wraps his big hands around the sexy arch of Nata’s feet and starts giving her the foot worship she deserves. Nata can’t help but feel ticklish as Vince’s well-groomed beard brushes against her sensitive soles while he kisses and licks her long toes. Her beige nail polish looks great with the backdrop of Vince’s pinkish lips. Unable to control the overflowing lust inside him, Vince carries the skinny hottie to the bedroom. He lays her down on the bed and continues worshiping her dirty soles. Nata gives the horny lad a quick footjob before letting him fuck her tight pussy in missionary. Vince passionately slides his cock in and out of the wet coochie while licking Nata’s sexy feet and rubbing her sensitive clit. The horny duo can’t keep their lust in check. They continue fucking on the bed like there’s no tomorrow. Nata’s wet soles glisten under the light while she gets fucked in the spoon. The beautiful hottie spreads her legs while riding her housemate’s cock in reverse cowgirl to show the full beauty of her stretched-out pussy, slender thighs, and long feet. Vince can’t get enough of Nata’s pussy and feet. He alternately fucks Nata’s bald twat and lower extremities before dumping his warm and sticky load on her soles. Nata lifts her legs to show her cum-soaked feet and wet coochie. Love Her Boobs video starring Nata Ocean and Vince Karter. (Video duration: 29:31)

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