First Session Went Wrong

Simon Kay and Crystal Richi in First Session Went Wrong

Crystal Richi and Simon Kay (a.k.a. Simon Kitty) have been together for a couple of years and have a generally good relationship. Lately, they have been struggling and have decided to see a therapist to help them work through their issues. During their first session, Crystal admits to being jealous because her girlfriend still has sexy dreams about being with men. In this VR episode, Simon assures her that there is nothing to worry about and implores the therapist to help explain that her dreams are harmless. Even if they are more than dreams, they are nothing to worry about. To prove his point, he suggests letting Crystal see her girlfriend have sex with a man to prove it will all work out just fine. Wondering where they find a man, the girls catch on to what he is saying and agree to try it out with their handsome doctor. He wants to make sure that they experience this together, so Crystal and Simon undress side by side and kneel before him to share his throbbing cock. His cock looks bigger than any one they have seen in VR porn movies. Any feelings of jealousy disappear quickly when Crystal sees how much her girlfriend loves giving head. She also quickly learns to love the way she enthusiastically eats pussy while being railed from behind. It looks so fun that she can’t wait to try it herself. Fucking a man feels strange, but Crystal loves it when her girlfriend kisses her as her pussy is filled by his thrusting prick. Both women bounce hard on him, feeling the warm rush of pleasure as they orgasm for the first time with a man. When he is ready, he positions them on their knees and shoots his sticky load of cock cream all over their pretty faces. Any set of lesbians that can share a dick this well can certainly survive any issues that may arise. VR porn featuring: Simon Kay (a.k.a. Simon Kitty), Crystal Richi. (Video duration: 42 min)

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