Helping Boyfriend's Daddy

Mina Luxx in Helping Boyfriend's Daddy

Being in a relationship is a good thing, but it can become a distraction, especially for those still in school. Mina is not aware that her boyfriend is performing poorly in school. It is your duty as a father to look out for your boy. As such, you tell the beautiful brunette about the distractions she’s giving to your son. Mina can’t help but be surprised when you inform her about the negative impact she has on the life of your son. The beautiful hottie can’t help but feel uncomfortable while you try to pin the fault on her. Not wanting to lose to you, Mina suggests that your tense personality and tight upbringing are pressuring your son. Wanting to help out, Mina offers to assist you in loosening up in a way you will surely enjoy. Mina teasingly takes off her clothes in front of you to show you what she means. She then lets you watch as she masturbates on the table. Mina knows simply looking at her is not enough, so she drops to her knees to give your big black cock a blowjob. You can feel her soft lips and warm tongue pleasing every inch of your massive ebony dick. After the blowjob, Mina excitedly rides your BBC in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Her tight pussy grips around your big black cock while you fuck her hard doggystyle. Mina can feel the throbbing of your BBC as you continue to stretch out her tiny pussy to the limits. Every thrust of your hips sends her closer to orgasm. You continue to fuck Mina even after she cums hard. You tirelessly slide your BBC in and out of her pussy until you feel like cumming. Mina gives you another round of blowjobs and handjobs until you shoot your warm and sticky load all over her beautiful face. Love Her Boobs video starring Mina Luxx. (Video duration: 000:45)

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