Bust Cream for Anastasia Doll

Anastasia Doll in Bust Cream for Anastasia Doll

A woman who turns heads wherever she goes, Anastasia Doll walks into the room to look at herself in the mirror. She’s dressed for a big night out in a tight evening gown designed to draw eyes to her big tits. Her dress designer has succeeded at that, for sure. Meanwhile, her dinner companion George Brown is sitting in a chair a few feet away with his back to her and busy jerking off. At first, Anastasia doesn’t see him, but when she does, she gets very upset. Here she is, dressed and looking like a sexbomb movie star at Cannes and her date is whacking off instead of waiting quietly and watching her primp. Shocking! What is this guy, a sex maniac? George tries to apologize for his sleazy behavior. That’s difficult to do because hell hath no fury like a woman whose date would jack behind her back and screw up her evening. Fortunately for George, Anastasia is the most forgiving woman in the world and gives George a second chance after this insult. Anastasia plays with her big … Big Boobs video featuring: Anastasia Doll, George. (Video duration: 20:02)

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