Magic Of xHamster T-shirts

Lili Charmelle and Ohana Petite in Magic Of xHamster T-shirts

Ohana Petite has made a new friend at college. She and Lili Charmelle get along really well and she has developed a big crush on the cutie. The only problem is that Lili actually has the hots for Ohana’s stepbrother. Not sure of what to do, but not wanting to lose a friend and a chance at such a pretty girl, she comes up with a plan. Ohana convinces her new friend that her stepbrother likes her but also is a big VR Porn fan, especially lesbian porn. Lili says that she is not a lesbian, but has always kind of fantasized about certain other girls. Seizing on the opportunity, Ohana invites her over and tells her that they can put on a special show that is bound to get him interested in her. When you get home, you find your step-sister and Lili in matching XHamster shirts and panties. They invite you into the room and tell you that they plan to do a live VR porn cam show and ask you if you would watch them to offer any pointers. You don’t know what to say, but watch as the two girls get into bed and take off their T-shirts. Playing together, they tease you for a bit before making a move to take off their panties. They refuse to go further unless you can prove that you are enjoying the show. You are unsure when Ohana tells you to take out your dick and show them how hard it is but agree when Lili tells you that she wants to see it. When you take out your cock, the girls follow through on their promise and remove their panties. All three touch themselves in a furious race to the finish. VR porn featuring: Lili Charmelle, Ohana Petite. (Video duration: 10 min)

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