Good Girl's Secret

Wera Angel in Good Girl's Secret

Wera Angel is having trouble at home. Ever since her mother married her new husband, Wera has been fantasizing about her new stepfather constantly. Every night she hears her mother through the wall and knows that her new husband is pounding her with his big cock. Wera knows it’s wrong, but can’t stop thinking about him doing the same to her. She tried watching some VR porn movies but it did not help. She decides to take a few sexy selfies and send them to him when her mom is out of town. Waiting in her room for him to confront her about the pictures, she can feel her pussy getting wet with anticipation. Will he be angry? Will he threaten to tell her mom? When you come into her room demanding to know what the photos mean, she shows you her diary and the naughty things she has written about you. You tell her that she can’t send you photos like that. It is wrong. You are married to her mother. Wera listens to you but can see that your cock is betraying your brain. It is getting hard as you look at her. Letting you keep talking, she slips out of her panties. In this VR porn episode, you tell her to stop, but keeps right on staring as the bulge in his pants gets even bigger. Despite his protests, she slides her fingers between her legs and starts touching herself. If you don’t want her the way she wants you, that’s fine, but she is going to masturbate until she cums. If you don’t want to see it, you can leave. You don’t leave of course, and Wera watches you touch your cock through your pants while she fingers her horny pussy. She cums knowing it is only a matter of time until you give her what she really wants from her new daddy. (Video duration: 10 min)

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