A Helpful Suggestion

Lia Lin in A Helpful Suggestion

Sometimes, a simple suggestion from the right person is all it takes to point an individual in the right direction. Lia Lin has been mooching off her roommate, Dean Van Damme, for three months. Work is hard to come by for the skinny hottie, so she doesn’t have the means to settle her part of the rent. Dean finally speaks his mind, telling Lia how annoying it is to handle the responsibility of their shared lodging. The bearded stud understands the difficulty of having no work, so he suggests a simple solution to their problem. Lia is undeniably in possession of a sexy pair of feet. As such, she will not have any trouble becoming a foot model. Her flexibility, which allows her to do self-toe-sucking, will surely increase her chances of becoming the next top foot model. Watching Lia suck her toes makes Dean hard and horny. He also wants to give the skinny brunette the foot worship she deserves. An alluring smile appears across Lia’s face as Dean starts licking her soles and sucking her toes. The horny man enjoys every inch of Lia’s sexy feet before feasting on her tasty pussy. The beautiful hottie returns the pleasure by giving Dean a footjob. Unable to control his lust any longer, Dean fucks Lia’s bald pussy while spooning her. The naughty slut then rides his cock in soles-up cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. She can feel Dean’s cock stirring the insides of her pussy while his tongue explores her sexy feet. Dean alternately fucks Lia’s pussy and feet doggystyle. He tirelessly slides his cock deep inside Lia’s wet pussy and between her soft toes until he feels like cumming. Dean pulls his cock out of the tight pussy and shoots his warm and sticky load all over Lia’s veiny feet. Lia rubs her feet against each other, spreading Dean’s creamy jizz. Love Her Boobs video starring Lia Lin and Dean Van Damme. (Video duration: 35:24)

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