Aubry Babcock

Aubry Babcock in Aubry Babcock

Jax was sitting on the couch playing a zombie war game on his phone. His girlfriend Aubry wanted to have sex, but Jax was just way into his phone game. Aubry tried with all of her energy to get Jax’s attention, but Jax wasn’t interested at that time. So Aubry also decided to play her phone war game. Turns out that both play the same game and been talking each other online under their gamer tags. As Aubry was playing the same war-game as Jax was playing, it turned Jax on and decided to fuck Aubry on the spot. Jax banged Aubry out in every position as he was telling her as he was better at the war game than Aubry is. Then Jax busted a huge nut on Aubry face to her delight. Jax wins by facial finish! Featuring: Aubry Babcock. (Video duration: 40:56)

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