Molly Little

Molly Little in Molly Little

When Damion arrives with a special gift for his girlfriend he is confronted by her very inquisitive and sexy sister Molly. Molly is dying to see what is in the box for her sister and will not take no for an answer. After all it isn’t her sisters’ birthday so what is the occasion? Can you imagine Molly’s shock when it is the classic old cock in the box gag?! Every girl loves getting that present but damn is Damion’s cock huge. Sorry Damion but that is a cock that is big enough for two girls and since Molly’s sister is not around she has first dibs on that hunk of meet that is sending goosebumps down her spine and electrodes to her cootch. Yeah – that cock needs to get into her mouth and snatch fast. So the next thing you know Molly has that cock out of the box and deep down her gullet as she tries to pack whatever meat she can down her greedy little throat. You gotta hand it to these little chicks they sure can take a big fat cock in their tiny slits with an energetic gusto. Molly is soon getting pounded balls deep as the cock literally is banging up against her lungs, it is so big and long. Cumming harder and harder Molly rides it like a trained professional. Soon her hungry kitty is being fed a dollop of jizz as she gets creampied on the couch. Naughty little nympho. Featuring: Molly Little. (Video duration: 31:30)

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