JOI Boob Tease with Linzee Ryder

Linzee Ryder in JOI Boob Tease with Linzee Ryder

Keeping oneself physically fit requires a lot of work and discipline, but Linzee Ryder makes it look busy. Alone in the house, the gorgeous MILF starts stretching to prepare for her workout routine, showing off her toned body in a black sports bra and leggings. Her enhanced tits are squished together by the material of her top, creating a delectable cleavage that no man could resist dreaming of sliding their cock in between. Linzee bends over at the waist and moves side to side, more than capable of moving into all sorts of positions with her flexible body. In the middle of her routine, the brunette diva comes up with a naughty idea and lets it run wild around her mind. Picturing her lover, Linzee starts talking dirty, stating how she knew he was watching her and how turned on she is by it. She’ll even pretend to jog, making her big tits bounce since it’s the perfect way to keep all your attention on her along with her body-hugging outfits. Running her manicured hands on her bra-clad funbags, she slowly unzips the front and shows off her delectable curves that look perfect for a titjob or tittyfuck. Linzee teasingly plays with her huge globes, pushing them together and shaking them as if letting whoever sees them fantasize how good they’d look moving around as she rides their cock. Finally, the mature diva slips off her top, teasing her nipples by pulling and rubbing them before lifting her fake tits and making them drop. She plays around, putting her hands up and shimmying her chest, then attempts to lick her own nipples. Beautiful Linzee spits on her cleavage as if inviting a cock to slide between them, pushing her tits together and imagining she’s giving a titjob. She’s more than likely to be the kind of woman who begs her partner to cover her big boobs with their hot load. (Video duration: 08:23)

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