Halloween Angel

Aaliyah Love in Halloween Angel

Awww.. I’m a little angel!! 🙂 What would you do if I was knocking on your door, asking for a trick or treat Halloween night? Would you turn me away for being too old or would you.. 🙂 This is the behind the scenes video of what went on during my ‘Angel’ photo shoot.. thank god I love my photographers and know they pick on me only because they love me back, or I would kick their ass for the things they say! I guess if you give it out, you have to also take it.. and I can certainly TAKE IT like a good little girl.. 😉 You also have to check out my ‘Halloween Devil’ pics and video that go with this set! 🙂 Starring: Aaliyah Love. (Video duration: 11:38)

Click Here for this Aaliyah Love Hardcore Cosplay Video

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