Worth The Risk

Dolly Diore and Maddy Black in Worth The Risk

Romance between colleagues can be a bit risky. Maddy Black and Dolly Diore, however, are not afraid of the consequences of someone catching them doing something inappropriate during work. Maddy is a tattooed black-haired babe with big tits and a round ass, wearing a black shirt, skirt, and black stiletto heels. Meanwhile, brunette hottie Dolly is sporting a front zip dress over her sexy black lingerie, paired with black platform high heels. Her natural tits and firm ass are obviously something any man will drool over. The silly and horny women look at each other and start teasing each other’s feet under the table. When Dolly answers a call from a superior, Maddy starts getting naughty and seduces her. The raven-haired beauty places her feet on the table and takes off her shoes, putting her pink French-pedicured toes on full display. Dolly marvels at the delightful sight and starts shrimping Maddy’s toes while still on the phone. She then passes her phone to the busty lady, who is trying to hold back her moans while answering the call. They finally hung up and continued with the foot worship. The brunette darling unzips her dress and rubs Maddy’s toes against her crotch before resuming shrimping them. The horny ladies tacitly agree to move their explicit activity to the couch, where it’s more comfortable. Maddy does her best to not lose when it comes to sucking toes, shrimping Dolly’s red nail-polished digits with great enthusiasm. Dolly then proceeds to use her feet to play with her partner’s enhanced boobs and crotch. After that, they shrimp and lick each other’s toes before she goes down and licks Maddy’s shaved pussy. In return, she makes sure to please Dolly’s trimmed pussy with her slick tongue. The brunette hottie continues to play with the inked babe’s wet organ while she touches herself. Maddy moans and trembles in delight as Dolly helps her reach her orgasm with her sexy feet. Love Her Boobs video starring Dolly Diore and Maddy Black. (Video duration: 41:07)

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