Business with Pleasure

Barbie Brill and Dorothy Black in Business with Pleasure

Business can get quite demanding with someone’s time and stressful to handle. Dorothy Black looks professional but hot in a skimpy black dress paired with black pumps that cover her sexy feet, but she looks a bit stressed at work and can feel her feet aching from wearing shoes all day. Unable to endure the pain, the stunning brunette removes her black pumps and puts her feet on the table, easing a bit of the discomfort with her orange-polished toenails and sexy arches of her feet on full display. The gorgeous lady can’t help but admire her feet and proceeds to lick and suck her toes, the warmth of her tongue twirling around the big toe and moving onto the others. On the other hand, Barbie Brill looks cute and enticing in a long blue dress paired with white pumps despite dealing with a stressful phone call. After ending the conversation, the blonde with small tits stumbles upon Dorothy in the middle of her passionate self-foot sucking and is enticed to join in. Barbie takes a hold of the older hottie’s foot, sucking and licking up the pedicured toes, then covering them with her warm spit. Overcome by lust, Dorothy passionately kisses her coworker and brings her to the bedroom to continue their activities. They might be busy, but that doesn’t mean they can’t take a break to let loose. They strip each other’s clothes off while making out and run their hands along soft curves, caressing tits before teasing the nipples with their tongues and mouths. The gorgeous brunette worships the blonde’s feet, rubbing the arches against her chest and savoring the natural taste. Completely nude, Barbie sits on Dorothy’s face and moans out loud while her shaved pussy is licked before reciprocating the action. The slender gal licks up the mature babe’s pierced and trimmed pussy with vigor, even taking time to continue worshiping her feet. The two lustful coworkers continue sucking and licking each other’s feet and pussies before ending their day by scissoring until completion. Love Her Boobs video starring Barbie Brill and Dorothy Black. (Video duration: 30:08)

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