JOI Foot Tease with Nicole Doshi and Jenny Rose Sins

Jennie Rose and Nicole Doshi in JOI Foot Tease with Nicole Doshi and Jenny Rose Sins

A party is not fun without hooking up with someone. Jenny Rose Sins and Nicole Doshi are two horny Asians who seem to be compatible with each other. The brunette beauties are wearing snug black dresses and high heels. Nicole’s big tits and a firm ass, along with Jenny Rose’s natural boobs and a small ass, are a hot combination no man has the capacity to ignore. The oriental babes are chatting like they are in their own little world. Maybe it’s the mood or their close proximity, but Nicole and Jenny Rose cannot resist the lust building up between them. The horny ladies start complimenting each other. Nicole likes how Jenny Rose touches her legs. Jenny then helps Nicole out of her stilettos before removing her platform heels. Jenny Rose’s cute avocado tattoo on the top of her feet, dirty soles, and bright red nail polish suit the bubbly lady. Meanwhile, Nicole’s French pedicure complements her simple but elegant style. The Asian hottie’s long toes look really sexy and perfect for sloppy shrimping. Nicole and Jenny Rose are playing with each other’s feet when they imagine a man watching them. They’ll tease him for being a pervert, but do not chase him off. Instead, the oriental beauties suggest that the naughty man suck their sexy toes and lick the sweat off their feet. The foot-goddesses raise their legs, exposing their trimmed pussies bare of any underwear. They rub their feet against each other before they start making stroking gestures. More obscene words escape Nicole’s and Jenny Rose’s lovely lips as they plan to provoke the lucky guy, making him lust for them even more. After that, they clench and unclench their long toes as if they’re waiting for the man to dump his warm load on them. The brunette babes continue with the footjob gesture, then bend over to show their hot backsides. This scene will, without a doubt, drive anyone who’s watching crazy and make them want to fuck the horny pair. Love Her Boobs video starring Jennie Rose (a.k.a. Jennie Rose Sins) and Nicole Doshi. (Video duration: 07:25)

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