JOI Foot Tease with Dharma Jones

Dharma Jones in JOI Foot Tease with Dharma Jones

A relationship problem pushes Dharma Jones to seek out the help of her boyfriend’s best friend, inviting him over to have a chat. The brunette shares that things have been going well except for the sex. Dharma found her current lover boring and unwilling to keep an open mind about her needs, especially her foot fetish. As she talks, the man in front of her can’t help but get turned on after finding out that they share the same desires. Eventually, the stunning minx notices the visible hard-on and a playful smile graces her lips, an idea hatching in her naughty mind. Concluding that she has decided to break up with her boyfriend, Dharma turns her full attention to the hunk and begins talking dirty while taking off her heeled white boots. The petite beauty shows off her freshly pedicured toes, then massages her feet before laying back on the couch. Dharma starts instructing him on what to do, asking to take out his hard, throbbing cock and to keep stroking it as she slips off her panties and undoes the straps of her dress. She plays with her perky tits by pulling her hard nipples and spreading her legs to rub at her unshaven, wet pussy. With her dainty feet on full display, Dharma tells him to go faster, wiggling her toes and stating how much she loves having someone who worships her feet as he does. Noticing how close he is to cumming, the domineering goddess urges him not to hold back, moving her hands to demonstrate the pace at which she wants him to stroke his cock. She is completely enraptured at how her fantasies are finally coming true, continuing to talk dirty before beginning a countdown for her new partner to cum. Dharma lifts her delicate feet up as she imagines the horny man shooting his warm release all over them. (Video duration: 10:08)

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