College Friends Foot Fetish Reunion

MJ Fresh in College Friends Foot Fetish Reunion

Clicking her clear high heels up the steps, MJ twirls back and forth in front of the mirror, pressing her high arches and soft soles firmly into the soles of her shoes. Dangling her feet back and forth on the couch, MJ can’t believe she’s seeing her friend from college and he looks fine. These old college buddies seem to be hitting if off as she sways her sexy feet back and forth, up and down, dangling them in front of his very eyes. She bats her eyelashes at him as she tells him all about her new job dancing on stage. Seems like stripper life is treating this foot queen well as she catches up with her college friend, who can’t help but admire her sexy high arches and soft pink soles. Feeling lucky, she gives him a taste of her delicious toes and bright pink painted toe nails, allowing him to slurp her delicious pretty pink piggies in absolute delight. As he caresses her feet, feeling them pressed into his face, touching them and worshipping them in complete ecstasy, she decides to suck on his big fat cock getting him extra hard as he prepares to insert himself deep into her tight wet pussy. She bends over for him doggy style, presenting her delicious pussy for him by pulling her red thong to the side as he pushes himself deeply inside her, feeling so good with each thrust as her sexy, slutty feet bounce up and down on the couch. With her feet arched on each side of his cock, she gives him a sexy, slutty foot job from behind. He can feel her warm pussy right behind his head as she jerks his cock up and down with her sexy feet and slutty toes. He can barely take it any more as the jizz builds up in his cock and balls, feeling like he is about to explode, he shoots his load all over her sexy toes, covering the top of her feet with his load, giving her enough to lick each and every last drop off her gorgeous, wet feet… Love Her Boobs video starring MJ Fresh and Jay Romero. (Video duration: 51:12)

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