Skipping Class

Penelope Woods in Skipping Class

Skipping class is usually fueled by the desire to hang out with a friend or just stay at home for whatever reason. For Penelope Woods, she tries to discreetly sneak inside the house, hoping no one will find out about her cutting class for the day. Unfortunately, you’re at home and hear her footsteps coming up the stairs. As you call her, she directly admits skipping class just because she doesn’t feel good. Penelope offers you a deal about giving you sex in exchange for keeping it a secret from her sister. You are reluctant at first, but as this seductress takes your hand to touch her round ass, everything else does not matter anymore. Penelope hungrily goes down to your big black cock, giving you a sensual blowjob and handjob that makes you throb with need and anticipation. She decides to provide a better view by lifting up her white top, revealing her small tits, and rubbing it against your length. Unable to contain her lust, the raunchy brunette rubs the tip of your BBC against her throbbing clit. Penelope glides it against her slit before riding as much of your member as she could fit eagerly with her asshole in cowgirl. With her shaved pussy and small tits on full display, you thrust deeper into her tightness and make her moan louder. The steamy anal fucking continues in spoons and missionary while Penelope rubs her clit. The enticing lady’s asshole stretches with every pound of your big black cock, taking breaks in between by indulging in sloppy blowjobs and lubricating it with a good amount of spit. Penelope’s hunger for BBC is not yet satisfied, so you go back to pounding her tight ass in doggystyle and missionary, delivering much-needed anal sex while appreciating the view of her stretched and gaping asshole. Wanting to take a turn at being in charge, Penelope places herself on top of you in a cowgirl, riding your large black dick once more. She eagerly bounces until you fill her ass with a load of hot cum. (Video duration: 47:54)

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