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Blondie Bombshell in Scoreland Member Features

Ridge Crix is sitting in his parked car when he sees a blonde beauty wearing a tight outfit that clings to her shapely body and big tits. Wow. Gorgeous, Ridge says to himself. He notices that she seems to be looking for someone. He checks her out and likes what he sees. Knowing that you’ve got to make a move if you want to be in the groove, he asks the sexy stranger if he can help her. A true SCORE Man. As it turns out, Blondie Bombshell is waiting for a girlfriend. They’re supposed to go out, see the city and have some fun, visit a few clubs. But her friend hasn’t shown or phoned so Blondie is stuck. She explains everything to Ridge and suggests in her charming singsong voice that now that’s she’s free, the two of them can go out, or better yet, Ridge can show her his place and they can have a few drinks. Ridge approves of that message. European girls are fun and go with the flow. When they get to his place, Blondie says she likes it and wants to see his bedroom. In the bedroom, … Big Boobs video featuring: Blondie Bombshell, Ridge Crix. (Video duration: 33:09)

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