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Bhiankha (pronounced Bianca) may be the greatest milker in the history of The SCORE Group. An endless stream of breast milk squirts out of her large, long, impressive nipples. The amount of milk Bhiankha produces rivals a dairy farm’s annual output. Bhiankha squeezes her breasts to squirt milk into her mouth and lets it drip out all over her massive tits. She gets milk all over her face. She squirts milk at the camera. Pretty girl Bhiankha likes to suck her nipples hard, harder than most of the porn studs suck tits. She loudly slaps her breasts together hands free and grabbing them from underneath, and tugs her nipples like taffy, pulling and stretching. Bhiankha pours oil over her chest and wraps a cord around her slippery boobs for a little breast bondage. She rubs her smooth pussy with her fingers and plugs herself fast and deep with a thick dick-dong. Bhiankha is in a league of her own. More is coming and so is Bhiankha. … (Video duration: 23:33)

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