Sex Cocktail

Sandy Cortez in Sex Cocktail

Sandy Cortez comes in wearing a gold and sexy dress. She has a cocktail in her hand and she sits in front of you and start to drink it.She is doing her make-up while you hold her drink. Some minutes later, she asks for the cocktail and as she drinks a bit, she spills the drink in herself. She has to go to change her clothes, so she gets up and goes to another room. She is taking it so long and you are kind of horny just thinking about her, naked, there on the other room. You go to the room and open the door: there she is, half naked! She looks surprised at you but really fast her expression changes and you can see lust in her eyes, because she has seen your big bulge under your pants! She kneels on the floor and starts with the foreplay. Then, she takes of your trousers and gives you a deep blowjob. You don’t have to undress her, because she is already naked, so you fuck her on the sofa, doing different positions as doggy or missionary.But she wants to lead too, so she sits on you and starts to move her body so you can have the best pleasure of your life. As she knows you like it, she masturbates you with her feet and she does it amazing! At the end, she gives you another blowjob so you can cum in her mouth! VR Porn video starring Sandy Cortez and Vinny Burgos. (Video duration: 39:40 min)

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