Rear Naked Choke

Valentina Pink in Rear Naked Choke

Valentina Pink and Vinny Burgos, wearing pink and white kimonos, are having a class. She is teaching him how to do the Rear Naked Choke. First, she does it and then she says to him that he should try it so he can practice. She corrects him when he does it wrong. He tries again and when he does it, he ‘accidentally’ touches her boob. After that, they start to flirt and play. She puts herself over him and he opens her kimono, showing her boobs and figure. By this time, he is already hard, and she takes his cock to masturbate him: she does this with her hand and her mouth. Then, she does the cowgirl position, but bending towards behind, so he can take a look to her pussy (and how she touches herself) while he sticks his dick inside of her. She does the reverse cowgirl, missionary and doggy too. Her loud moans of pleasure are turning him on so much! (Video duration: 48:05 min)

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