VRP House Breakfast

Barbie Reyes and Ada Lapiedra in VRP House Breakfast

You arrive at the swimming pool. You were sleeping a while because yesterday party was crazy! Barbie Reyes (a.k.a. Barbie Rous) says hi to you and, teasing you, she asks if you have any energy. She sways in front of you and shows you her butt. But Ada Lapiedra sees you and she says: this is the breakfast I was waiting for. Both sit on your lap and start to masturbate you while they kiss each other. They caress each other’s boobs and then, they kneel to give you a blowjob, taking turns, licking your balls and penis… Next thing to do this morning? To have sex! Barbie sits on you and you stick your dick inside her while Ada touches her clitoris and licks her boobs. Then, you make her lay down and you take the lead of the moves to fuck with her. They change positions and you fuck Ada in reverse cowgirl and doggy while Barbie caresses her butt and slap her buttock. You keep fucking in different positions until you cum on their faces. VR Porn video starring Tommy Cabrio, Barbie Reyes (a.k.a. Barbie Rous) and Ada Lapiedra. (Video duration: 48:32 min)

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