Ready For Your Present?

Texas Patti in Ready For Your Present?

Texas Patti VR has planned a special celebration for her stepson’s twenty-first birthday. She surprises you when your father is at work with balloons, a cake, and a gift. You are surprised and want to know why she didn’t wait until your father was home. Texas Patti shows you the real present but takes down her top and shows you her tits. She has seen you staring at her and knows about the Taboo VR Porn you watch. She lets you know that it’s OK. She is flattered that you would think about her sexually and wants to show you that the feeling is mutual. Putting the cake aside, Patti strips, getting a thumbs up from you when she asks if you like what see so far. Now it’s your turn. She wants to see what you are packing in your jeans and smiles when she sees your young cock standing at attention for her. Your meat is in her mouth before you can even blow out the candles on your cake. Texas Patti knows how to make a man feel good and gives you the best head of your life. She pulls off her panties and invites you to take a ride from behind. Your young, hard cock makes her cum in record time and she shocks you by cleaning him off with her mouth before getting on top and bucking her hips. It feels so good for you both that she doesn’t notice you tensing up. By the time she realizes what is going on, it is too late, and your load is gushing out of her freshly fucked pussy. No point in worrying about it, but next time she knows to be more careful. (Video duration: 39 min)

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