The Bride Swap

Ria Sunn and Sladyen Skaya in The Bride Swap

Ria Sunn and Sladyen Skaya have been best friends for years. They do everything together. They are so close that they are engaged to each other’s step-brothers. As a way to make their special day even more special, the besties decide to set their weddings for the same date. They look beautiful in their wedding dresses and are just so happy that some mischief seems to be in order. Ria asks Sladyen if she is up for something especially kinky to turn their wedding day into the ultimate VR taboo event. Always down for fun, she agrees to the idea and they call their future husbands in to make them an offer. They want a one-time partner swap before they get married. That way they get all of their pent-up virtual porn fantasies out of the way before the marriage. Both guys are shocked to hear that their stepsisters want to fuck them, but they agree right away. Just the thought of fucking the brides-to-be have their cocks rock hard and ready for action. The girls greedily suck on them until they can’t wait any longer. It’s time for a wedding day, taboo fuck. Side by side the happy couples bang with the sexy besties kissing while they get railed by their stepbrothers. The girls get a little competitive watching their men fucking other pussies, but there is no need for jealousy. It just makes them fuck a little bit harder than usual. Everything is just fine as long as the guys don’t get carried away and forget that their brides are off birth control. That is just what happens as things get too intense and the girls end up filled with spunk. These two besties may be sharing more than a taboo fuck in nine months. VR porn featuring: Ria Sunn, Sladyen Skaya. (Video duration: 40 min)

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