Only Yours

Sirena Milano in Only Yours

Three months after your breakup, you were just starting to get over Sirena Milano. It hasn’t been easy since you caught her cheating and kicked her out. Burying yourself in work and then watching hours of VR porn on the weekends have helped take the edge off a bit, but you still really miss her. When you get home, you are shocked to find her in your bed wearing only a bra and panties. She has missed you too and needs you to know just how much. You know you should kick her out. She cheated on you and treated you horribly, but she just looks like your favorite VR porn model. Sirena explains that she understands why you might be hesitant, but wants you to sit down and watch. You don’t have to take her back, you don’t even have to touch her. Just watch and enjoy while she shows you how much she has missed you. It has been so lonely without you and all she can do is masturbate. This time you get to watch. She knows how much you like her ass and sticks it up in the air to wiggle for your viewing pleasure. It’s OK to take out your cock and touch it. Looking back over her shoulder, she can see you playing with yourself. She has missed your dick so much that she can’t sleep at night. Her panties slide away from her pussy and you see how wet and ready it is. Stay strong. Enjoy her from afar. Watch her fingers slide in and out while she begs you to come fuck her. Can you resist when she starts cumming and your jizz starts spurting. Will you stay strong or has she won you back with her sexy body and dirty talk? (Video duration: 13 min)

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