Balls-Deep In The Pocket

Aliska Dark and Bella Gray in Balls-Deep In The Pocket

Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey) and Aliska Dark are best friends who tell each other everything. Over the years they have shared some very intimate secrets. None so deep as the one Bella recently confessed to her best. Ever since her mom remarried, Bella has had a massive crush on her new stepdad. She has been masturbating every day in the shower thinking of fucking the handsome older man. Afraid her friend will be repulsed by her desires, she is pleasantly surprised when Aliska finds it to be a turn-on. She even suggests that they seduce her friend’s stepfather together. They have never shared a guy before and what better way to start than this? Before she can lose her nerve, Bella follows her friend into her stepfather’s den where he is playing pool. They don’t bother to be subtle, bending over until their shorts ride up between their cheeks and plopping their asses down in the way of your shot. You can tell right away what they are up to but try to brush it off. It’s just too risky to bang your stepdaughter and her friend no matter how hot they are. Not about to take no for an answer, they crawl up on the table. That’s too far. Bella knows that is against the rule. Oh no, you are just going to have to spank them. A spanking just makes these bad girls horny and doing so makes your cock hard. They quickly make your meat disappear into their hungry mouths. No longer worried about getting caught, you take turns fucking their tight pussies. The girls keep it nasty, licking each other’s asses while you fuck. They are so greedy and hot that you keep going until you fill Bella’s pussy with your cum. They both got the cue, but only your special girl got your load in her special pocket. VR porn featuring: Aliska Dark, Bella Gray (a.k.a. Bella Grey). (Video duration: 46 min)

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