Holiday Beauties

Ara Mix and Fibi Euro with Kama Oxi in Holiday Beauties

After a long semester at college, Kama Oxi is thankful to be able to go home and spend time with her family. Her two best friends Fibi Euro and Ara Mix are not so lucky so she invites them to spend the holidays with her. Her mother and stepfather made the other girls feel right at home. When Kama’s mom had to leave for a business meeting, her stepdad even gave the girls gifts. They are very grateful and also a little bold. Fibi and Ara know that Kama has a crush on her sexy new stepdad and once they meet him, they understand why. Rather than try to talk her out of acting on her desires, the two girls encourage her and even offer to join in for a special VR porn first step towards seduction. To thank you for the gifts, the girls have you sit down and watch as they model their outfits for you. They are all dressed up in their warm socks, hats, and holiday sweaters, but have nothing on underneath. When they open their legs, you get a perfect view of all three sweet young pussies. You can’t believe what you are seeing, but your cock quickly grows to the point where the girls insist you take it out. Kama has heard her mother moan at night and knows you have a big one. The others are impressed by your size as you begin to stroke it while they strip off their sweaters like professional VR porn models. They play with each other while you play with yourself. You watch them lick each other while Kama stares right at your big dick. She can tell you are close and promises that next time they are alone, she is going to do more than watch. What she doesn’t know is that her friends are not going to let her have that big cock all to herself. You are in for a real treat when these three team up on you. VR porn featuring: Ara Mix, Fibi Euro, Kama Oxi. (Video duration: 16 min)

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