I See The Future

Liv Revamped in I See The Future

Liv Revamped has a nice little side hustle going telling fortunes to tourists. It helps her pay the bills and she loves messing with people with her very convincing performances. She knows how to spot a mark with money and also isn’t shy about showing a little skin to keep their attention focused where she wants it. When a handsome stranger comes in for a reading, Liv does her best to put on a good VR porn show and flirt a bit. He is not happy with the future she tells and thinks she is just scamming him. She tries to protest but feels her body quiver when he puts his hands on her head. He may not have liked the fortune she told, but he enjoys feeling her warm lips around his throbbing cock. Liv gets him wet from head to base and shivers when he orders her to strip like a VR porn model and bend over. He loves the way her big round ass looks and moves in to slide his dick right into her tight asshole. Liv loves the way he takes charge and feels him stretching her out with aggressive, deep strokes. He rolls her over and she grabs her heels to pull her legs back behind her head. This gives him such perfect access to her backdoor that he slams in freely. He can’t believe how good it feels to have him take total control over her body. His big dick stretches her tight hole and she can’t stop creaming. He orders her to her knees so she can use her mouth to milk his cock until it explodes all over her tongue. She didn’t have this coming but is quite happy that it did. (Video duration: 39 min)

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