The Night Before Xmas

Kama Oxi and Fibi Euro in The Night Before Xmas

Kama Oxi and Fibi Euro have always been good girls. Even though they are both in their first year of college and quite pretty, they have no experience with boys. They are both very friendly though and visit their neighbor with gifts. The man lives alone and mostly keeps to himself, but he is friendly enough when they show up. He thanks them both for the gifts and tells them he has bought something for them as well. The girls open their bags and find matching black dresses that barely cover their bodies. To go along with the slutty outfits are collars that are connected by a leash. Even without much experience, they understand the meaning of the gifts and agree to put them on for him. Wearing the clothes makes them feel odd, but seeing how big his cock is makes them both feel beautiful and sexy VR porn models. They take turns sucking his dick, listening to his instructions, and learning how to do it right. He is patient with them and lets them wet his long pole until he is ready to slide it into them. They are obedient and follow his instructions when he tells Kama to lick her friend’s clit while he is inside her pussy. Neither of them has tried sex with another girl, but following his orders just feels right. Sex for the first time feels good and sexual submission has them both on their knees begging for him to cum on their faces. He feeds his two new pets a big load of cream and tells them to kiss each other to share the spunk. They are ready to comply and he is already planning their next dark VR porn lesson. VR porn featuring: Kama Oxi, Fibi Euro. (Video duration: 50 min)

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