Nata Ocean For OnlyTarts

Nata Ocean in Nata Ocean For OnlyTarts

Nata Ocean finds herself alone on a Friday night. Her boyfriend is away for the weekend and she has decided not to go out with her friend. A night alone is just what she needs. She loves having sex with her boyfriend but is still quite satisfied with what she can do all by herself. Getting all dressed up in a sexy kitty outfit that always drives guys crazy, she looks at herself and decides that she is indeed fuckable. The little cat ears really seem to complete the whole sexy ensemble. Stretching out on her bed, she feels the cool fabric against her warm skin and lets her mind wander through all of her favorite erotic fantasies. With her mind racing, her body catches up quickly. Her nipples stiffen and her pussy gets wet at the thought of hands and tongues all over her body or hard cocks filling her up. Writhing alone in her bed, she lets her mind take her as far as it can before starting to touch herself. She slowly lifts her tip, feeling her hard nipples pop free from the fabric. Barely letting her fingers graze them, she feels the warmth spreading from her chest down between her parted thighs. She imagines her hands are her lover’s hands, caressing her smooth warm flesh. As the tips brush her wet lips, she shudders and imagines his tongue licking her just where she loves to be licked. Her fingers begin to penetrate, opening up her pussy like his cock would. Faster, deeper, harder she goes until she is fucking her wet hole and moaning out as the impending orgasm sweeps over her body. The best part? That is just the first. She has the whole night to herself and is going to take full advantage. (Video duration: 14:02)

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