Kama Oxi For OnlyTarts Again

Kama Oxi in Kama Oxi For OnlyTarts Again

Kama Oxi has been out late partying with her friends. She was hoping to get a lot of rest and sleep off the long night. Instead, she is awakened by voices coming from the next room. It is her stepfather discussing his latest business deal with a potential new partner. She recognizes the other voice as that of a very handsome young man she has seen around the house. He always seems to smile at her and makes excuses to stay longer than he needs to. Kama has had a bit of a crush on him and feels her body getting warm thinking about him. She slips her top down and plays with her nipples while listening to them talk in the next room. It would be so easy to just walk in there half-naked and watch the expression on his face. She gets turned on thinking about seducing him right in front of her stepfather. Would he be able to say no to her perky breasts and stiff nipples? Her fingers slip into her pants and she can feel just how wet she has become. How would he react if she dropped her shorts in front of him? She can still hear them talking and she wonders if she is moaning loudly enough for them to hear her as well. The thought of that has her frantically pumping her fingers inside of her pussy. Kama pictures the handsome young man’s big hard cock sliding in and out of her body. It doesn’t matter who watches, she just has to have him. She is so busy cumming to her fantasy, she didn’t hear her door open. But who is walking in on such a sexy sight? (Video duration: 14:24)

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