Stepmom Can Handle The Monster

Ophelia Kaan in Stepmom Can Handle The Monster

Ophelia Kaan is a caring stepmother who always pays attention to her stepson’s problems. So, when she saw him being so upset in the kitchen, she immediately asked about his problem. That was a touchy moment for the guy because it was first time he would speak about his personal issues with stepmom. The thing is that all the girls he dates do not want to have sex with him because of his huge dick. Although Ophelia is really surprised, she convinces her stepson that everything will be fine with him. Some young girls cannot handle the big size, but she is sure it is probably not as big as they say. Reassured by his stepmother’s words, the guy feels relieved, and he thanks Ophelia for her support, but he still feels insecure about the size. MILF wants to see for herself if it is that big and asks stepson to show his dick. Taking off his pants, she sees a huge penis. She gets amazed and horny at the same time. Ok, maybe it’s actually too big for a young girl, but it’s just right for her. Ophelia throws herself on her stepson’s dick, trying to shove it as deep as possible into her throat. The guy asks what is going on in bewilderment. Stepmother convinces him that is the only way to rid the stepson of insecurity. Besides, she knows he wants to feel what it is like to have sex. Having finished with a blowjob, Ophelia decides to prove that she can handle this massive rod. However, she could not imagine what awaited her. His cock is so big it hits her uterus: what a fantastic feeling! After receiving a load of cum on the face, Ophelia is convinced they may need a few more sessions like this to prepare her stepson for adulthood. (Video duration: 39:33)

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