Oops, It Wasn't Planned

Chanel Camryn and Maria Anjel in Oops, It Wasn't Planned

Chanel Camryn and Maria Anjel are understanding stepsisters, and they always look condescendingly at their stepbrother’s antics, but there are limits to everything. Sometimes, his pranks cross all boundaries. Most recently, he spoiled stepsister’s breakfast, put a stinky bomb under the door, and burst into his stepsister’s shower. And yesterday, the guy literally farted to his stepsis face while she was sleeping. Stepsisters will not tolerate it any longer. It’s time to teach the prankster a lesson. While the stepbro is still lying in his bed, Chanel and Maria enter his room and start removing his clothes. They’re giggling, but the laugh ends when they have undressed him and they can see his cock. Both stepsisters are seized by lust, wondering why this dick is so huge. They are curious if it can get even bigger and begin licking it. Little did they know it would bring them to sex with stepbro. Chanel and Maria are not interested in jokes anymore. They want to fuck him as hard as they can. Stepsisters get on their knees and escalate things further by deepthroating the stepbro’s big shaft. Pretty soon, Chanel climbs onto the guy’s fuck stick to ride him, then lets Maria take her moment of pleasure in a cowgirl position. Then the stepsisters switch places so Chanel can sample Maria’s pussy juices while Britt sucks her stepbrother off before sticking his hard-on into her cute vag from behind. Finding herself back in the middle on her knees, Chanel takes a pussy pounding from one end while she feasts on Maria’s snatch. As a final revenge for the stepbrother’s pranks, the stepsisters kneel down and go back to sucking until he gives them both a facial. Today, Chanel and Maria have learned that sometimes pranks can be pleasant. Wild sex fantasies video featuring: Chanel Camryn and Maria Anjel. (Video duration: 38:47)

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