Twin Sister Caught Us

Ann Joy in Twin Sister Caught Us

Ann Joy is very excited. She has had a secret crush on her stepfather for a while. Today, with her mom out of town and her twin sister studying at the library, the pretty young blonde thinks she finally has a chance to seduce him. She puts on her cutest outfit that includes a short skirt and a top that shows off her tight flat belly. He is watching TV and she makes her way into the room, making sure he gets a good look. With his stare telling her that he isn’t going to leave, she brazenly strips out of her outfit and puts on a sexy little number complete with big heels and a collar. Knowing he cannot resist her looking like this, she goes into his bedroom and gets on the bed. They will have to keep this a secret from her mother, but Ann doesn’t mind that. She gets one look at his big hard cock and just has to have it inside of her. As she slips her lips around the head of his big dick, Ann is so focused that she doesn’t hear a noise outside the bedroom door. Her twin sister has come home early and is watching the forbidden fun as their stepfather fucks Ann from behind. It looks like they are having so much fun. She never thought watching her sister fuck would turn her on, but she too has a crush on their stepfather and the sight is just too hot. She starts to fuck her pussy with her fingers while her sister gets plowed by that big dick. Managing to climax just moments before he did, she is able to slip away unseen, but already plotting her chance to fuck him just like Ann did. (Video duration: 61:37)

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