The Room Tour

Aria Valencia in The Room Tour

Aria Valencia is coming home from shopping when she meets a man on the street looking at her home. He tells her that he is a blogger who focuses on rental expenses and local living spaces. He is curious about her place. After telling him that she pays over fifteen thousand in rent, he really wants to see what the inside looks like. She isn’t sure at first, but he assures her that he has over a million followers and is legit and appearing on his blog will really boost her social media profile. After thinking it over, Aria decides to give him a tour. She shows him the house and he is very impressed by the decor, the plants and her mineral collection. When she shows him her bedroom, he sees some sexy lingerie laid out on the bed. Aria has a date with her boyfriend and bought the outfit to surprise him. The stranger asks her to try it on so he can tell her how her man might react. He gets one look at her in the sexy outfit and just has to have her. Aria sees his cock is hard and puts it right into her mouth. She has never been so bold with a stranger but loves how big he feels when he is stretching out her pussy. His aggressive strokes take her to new heights and she wants to try something new. She works her mouth between his legs and starts to eat his ass. He loves how nasty she is and fucks her even harder the second time. His cock throbs as he pulls it out and shoots a big load all over her pretty face. (Video duration: 44:46)

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