Satiate The Thirst

Merida Sat in Satiate The Thirst

A horny person can do anything to satiate their thirst. Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) is reading a book when her boyfriend calls her. The happy blonde, wearing a red top and black shorts, answers the phone with a bright smile on her face. She expresses her longing for her partner as well as her lust, which seems to be building up at the thought of him. Unable to take it anymore, she tells her boyfriend that she will borrow a car to go to him. The naughty lady with big tits and a firm ass then gets up and goes to your room. The inked babe approaches you while you’re lying in bed. Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) asks if she can take your car, but you refuse. Pouting, the hottie tries another way to persuade you. When she suddenly places her hand on your crotch, a sudden understanding strikes you, which leaves you a bit flustered. The beauty pulls down your pants and gives your big black cock a sloppy blowjob. Her sensual tease snaps your string of reason and makes you horny. You start touching her tits, fondling her clit, and fingering her shaved pussy. Looking at her moan under your touch renders you unable to think straight anymore. With the two of you driven by lust, the consequences of your actions are the last thing on your minds. Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) gets on top of you and rides you in cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. After that, she gets down and delivers a steamy blowjob-handjob combo to your BBC before getting on her hands and knees. With her back on you, you can clearly see her tight hole that’s aching for your big dick. You continue to pound the hottie’s wet pussy in doggystyle and missionary while listening to her exclaim as you plunge your black cock deep inside her. When you feel your climax nearing, you pull out and let Merida Sat (a.k.a. Merida) suck and pump your length until you cum. (Video duration: 39:23)

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