Good Morning, Stepdaddy

Scarlett Jones in Good Morning, Stepdaddy

Scarlett Jones VR was very happy when her mother remarried. After being alone after the divorce, being married again really made her happy. She also liked her stepfather a great deal. He was kind, handsome and worked very hard to provide for her and her mother. He is a good man but works so hard is always under a lot of pressure. One morning when her mother is away on a trip, she sees her stepfather struggling to pick out the right shirt for work. He seems lonely and even more stressed than usual. Scarlett has seen in some VR porn video that seeing a woman’s breasts can greatly reduce feelings of stress in men. She really wants you to be able to relax and puts it to the test. Your eyes go wide with shock when you see her naked breasts, but you don’t look away. You already seem more relaxed, except for the way your dick is getting stiffer in your pants. Since that seemed to work, she figures she might as well show you the rest of her body too. That excites you so much that you whip out your cock. Scarlett was not prepared for you to be packing such a huge stick. She puts it into her mouth and gives you a blowjob far better than her mother ever did. Using her big tits to further ease your stress, she bounces up and down with dick between them until you seem good and ready. Then she drops her horny slit onto your rod and rides hard. Your deep strokes are really turning her on and soon she is releasing her own stress by cumming all over you. When she feels your body shake, Scarlett positions herself to take your load all over her pretty face. From now on, you are both going to live a stress free life thanks to frequent fuck sessions. (Video duration: 36 min)

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