Hands Up – Pants Down

Chloe Lapiedra in Hands Up - Pants Down

Chloe Lapiedra VR is tired of being broke. All of her friends are out spending money on clothes and going to clubs. She spends all of her time studying and doesn’t have time to work. Tired of being the only one with no money, she decides to do something about it. Her new stepdad keeps a stash of cash at the house and Chloe knows where it is. She decides to sneak in and take some for herself. Chloe had planned for this and is dressed in a pair of tight shorts and see through top with a mask on. Her stepfather catches her and yells for the thief to stop, but she can see that he also has a hardon in his pants. She takes off the mask and before he can be angry with her for trying to steal, she drops to her knees. Her mouth swallows his big cock with surprising skill and he moans loudly letting her know how much he likes it. Any hesitation he might have had is gone as he bends Chloe over and shoves his meat into his stepdaughter’s nineteen year old pussy. It is tight, wet and just the thing he has been dreaming of. She is enjoying this VR porn scene, though her plan involves more than just being fucked until she cums on his daddy dick. Of course having some pleasure along the way isn’t a bad thing. He knows just how to work his cock and his strokes hit her in all the right spots. He starts to tremble so she puts him back in her mouth, sucking until he explodes all over her face and tits. This is what she had in mind. Why steal the money when she can just fuck him for it? (Video duration: 35 min)

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