Vacation With Stepdaddy

Liz Ocean in Vacation With Stepdaddy

Liz Ocean VR has been quite happy since her mom re-married. Her new stepfather is loaded and is more than happy to spoil his new wife and her daughter. She is a little jealous that he is planning to take her mom on a two week vacation to the Caribbean. Liz needs to find a way to convince him to bring her along and she knows just how to do it. After a day of shopping, she asks her stepfather if he would give her his honest opinion about something she bought. He agrees and is shocked when she starts changing right in front of him. She sees him pretending to look away and knows that her plan is working. Slipping into the sexy swimsuit, she can feel his eyes on her, checking out every inch of her body. She begs him to take her with them on the vacation. He knows he should say no, but his cock is hard and screaming yes. Liz expected to get a reaction on her exciting VR porn show and to get her way, but she did not expect him to be so big. Dropping to her knees she shows her stepfather what he can expect if he takes her and what makes her so popular in college. Her skilled mouth has him forgetting her mother in seconds and agreeing to take her on the trip long before she stops sucking and begs to ride his fat dong. Her tight pussy swallows him up and she loves every strong thrust as he fucks her with more skill than any guy she has ever dated. No wonder mommy married him. She can feel him getting close, but tells him not to cum inside of her. Shooting on her face is what she wants and she promises to be a good girl and swallow every drop. (Video duration: 35 min)

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