Loves Enigmatic Dance

Zazie Skymm and Nata Ocean with Candee Licious in Loves Enigmatic Dance

In the middle of the forest, in a secluded wooden house, resided two enigmatic witches – Candee Licious and Nata Gold,stepsisters bound by more than DNA. One fateful day, a bewildered young maiden named Zazie stumbled into theirenchanting garden, plagued by a haunting amnesia that clouded her memories. Instead of succumbing to thetemptation of exploiting her vulnerability, the two witches made a rare choice to embrace her as one of their own.As days turned into nights and Zazie Skymm found solace in her newfound family, a twisted turn of events unfolded. The oncepure bond between them soured as both witches fell under the spell of love for the innocent Zazie.Desperation and desire drove them to cast a dark enchantment upon her, seeking to possess her heart and soul.Yet, fate is a cunning power, and secrets buried deep have a way of rising to the surface. Uncovering the witches’malevolent intentions, Zazie ventured into the forbidden chambers of magic, breaking the spell that entrapped her. Ina daring act of defiance, she reversed the enchantment, weaving her own love spell that reversed the tide of powerand control.And so, in the heart of the forest where shadows whispered ancient secrets, a tale of love, betrayal, and redemptionunfolded, forever changing the destinies of those intertwined souls. MixedX video starring Zazie Skymm, Nata Ocean and Candee Licious. (Video duration: 41:13)

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