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Nuria Millan in Male Feedback

Nuria Millan is trying on some new lingerie outfits, and she steps out wearing a stunning red one that perfectly accentuates her figure. She looks incredibly sexy and powerful, leaving you in awe. She asks you if this one looks better than the previous one she tried on. As she catches your gaze, she notices the effect her appearance has on you, realizing that you’re turned on. With a sultry smile, she steps closer, jumps to the bed and whispers, “I am horny too.” She takes down her bra to show you her boobs. Then, she sensually takes your dick out, takes you trousers off and starts giving you a blowjob. Her lips and mouth on your dick feel amazing! Now, time for sex. She takes off her underwear and starts to fuck you in different positions: cowgirl, reverse cowgirls, missionary, doggy… Your cock gets in her and you fuck this amazing girl who can’t stop moaning. At the end, she masturbates you until you cum over her. VR Porn video starring Michael Fly and Nuria Millan. (Video duration: 34:26 min)

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