After Fight

Barbie Brill in After Fight

You are lying in bed, stretched out and leafing through your phone. Barbie Brill enters the room, tired and sweaty, dropping her gym bag on the floor. She’s dressed in gym clothes, clearly just back from a boxing workout. “Hi honey, I just came from training….” she says, throwing some boxing punches in the air, still wearing her bandages and gloves. “Today I’m euphoric. I beat up that girl who thought she was so tough.” Barbie continues with her hooks, looking provocatively at you because she knows you like seeing her like this. “I still have some energy left…”. She approaches you, pulls out your cock, and starts sucking it with intensity. Her euphoric and horny energy is palpable! After taking off her clothes, she continues with the blowjob, your cock deep inside of her mouth. After that, you lick her pussy, feeling how she trembles with pleasure. After, she rides you in cowgirl-style and then she turns around and you fuck her in reverse cowgirl while grabbing her butt. You keep having sex in missionary while she touches her own boobs. At the end, you stand up and she lays down in the bed: she takes your cock and gives you another blowjob until you cum on her face. VR Porn video starring Barbie Brill and Alex Charger. (Video duration: 36:00 min)

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