We Keep Up Good Work, Teacher

Kennia Lex and Britney Dutch with Princess Alice in We Keep Up Good Work, Teacher

Kennia Lex (a.k.a. Emily First) VR, Britney Dutch VR and Princess Alice VR are just finishing up their first year in college. They have always been good students, but this last semester has been difficult. To help pay the bills, they started bikini modeling. Things were fine at first, but the money wasn’t great. Then they landed a job doing full adult modeling for a VR Porn company. The money is great,, but their grades did suffer a bit. They go in to see their professor under the guise of an extra study session, but what they really want is to show him how they have been paying their tuition. In exchange for a free live version for their X Rated VR performance, they hope he will give them some extra credit. He knew it was unethical, but too curious and excited by the three lovely coeds to refuse. They started by slowly stripping, standing side by side as they showed him their firm breasts, pert asses and sweet pussies. When they are naked except for their socks and shoes, the girls tell him that their content usually includes a man with a hard dick for them to share. Since they know he can’t do that, perhaps he could at least take his out so they can do their normal show while he strokes. He agrees and begins to pump his prick while the girls please one another. They stare right at him and encourage him to enjoy himself while they use their fingers and tongues to keep nipples hard and pussy juice flowing. When he erupts all over his office floor, the girls know they are going to pass his class and probably come back for more. VR porn featuring: Kennia Lex (a.k.a. Emily First), Britney Dutch and Princess Alice. (Video duration: 15 min)

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