Kallie Lovin

Kallie Joe in Kallie Lovin

Kallie Joe was going to make lunch for her man. Instead, he walks in to find her laying on the floor filling out a report for work. She’s wearing some crazy, sexy cut off jean shorts showing her ass cheeks and pussy lips. Kallie says its her work uniform, but there’s no way he’s letting her go out in public like that. Before he gets too upset, Kallie offers to calm him down with a blowjob and she will make lunch. While he thinks it over, she grabs his cock and starts sucking. She’s looking up at him with her gorgeous light eyes and a mouthful of cock. After a few minutes, it’s time to fuck. He lays down and she climbs aboard sliding her wet pussy up and down on his pole. He flips her over and bangs her from behind. Then there’s more cock sucking, more doggystyle, more fucking on the couch, more blowjob action, until he finally shoots his load all over her face… Time for lunch.

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